Aquaponics management

Fish, plants and bacteria? How does that work?

Aquaponics Training

Practical resources

Oromiffa Manuals (PDF)
English Manuals (PDF)

 Presentations of Aquaponics Workshop

1. Introduction to Aquaponcs – A. Getahun View of download here
2. Why Aquaponics – M. Slingerland View of download here
3. Project findings – A.Tadesse View of download here
4. Agribusiness – B. Kappers View of download here
5. Perceptions on Aquaponics – T, Aziz View of download here

Project publications and research findings

J.E. Fournial 2018; Action research on the emergenve of an innovation community in Hawassa, Ethiopia. View of download here

A. Tadesse 2017; Aquaponics productivity presponse for Niger seed cake (guizotia abyssinica) inclusion and increased level of mineral supplementation in fish diet. View of download here

M, Slingerland; B. Kappers and A. Tadesse 2017; Promoting healthy diets and agri-business development through aquaponics farming.View of download here

M, Koop 2017: Aquaponics and the potential of BSFL farming in Ethiopia View of download here

L. Gerardo Rosado Loria 2017: Modelling nitrogen uptake, fish growth, plant dry matter and water quality in an aquaponics system producing Lactuca sativa and Leuciscus idus. view or download here

L. Gerardo Rosado Loria 2017: Asses resource use efficiency (water, ernergy, nutrients, and money) in aquaponics to provide food security and improve quality of life of households in Shawe Robit, Ethiopia. view or download here

B. Kappers 2016: Growguide: Growing healthy crops in Aquaponics view or download here

C. Perini – 2015: Nutrient balances in a small scale aquaponics system in the Netherlands. view or download here

A. Tadesse – 2014 literature review: Existing fish diet formulation practice and its limitation for aquaponics system. view or download here

J. Vliet van – 2015 Internship report: Aquaponics. View of download here

Scientific publications and reviews

M. Shinhara et al. 2011: Microbial mineralization of organic nitrogen into nitrate to allow the use of organic fertilizer in hydroponics view or download here

J. E. Rakocy et al. 1994 (revised 2006): Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems: Aquaponics—Integrating Fish and Plant Culture view or download here


Other publications and documents

FAO aquaponics manual (2014): A thorough manual for starting small-scale aquaponics units view or download here

Bustan aquaponics (2014): Article from Aquaculture Europe about the first commercial aquaponics farm in Egypt view or download here


Documents research project Ethiopia

Initial research plan view or download here

Updated research plan view or download here

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