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Aquaponics saves up to 80% of water compared to traditional irrigated agriculture and can be implemented on non-fertile lands as it is a soil-less growing technique. It is therefore highly suitable to overcome droughts and/or a lack of arable lands. A number of entrepreneurs have been selected to evaluate the business model. This website is build to share the knowledge gained by these entrepreneurs to other interested Ethiopians looking to start their own agribusiness.

Through introducing Aquaponics as a business model for local entrepreneurs, we aim to offer employment/business opportunities that make healthy (organic) vegetables and fish available in Ethiopia.

Aquaponics has currently been established in three regions:

1.Showarobit: 8 entrepreneurs with a system of 12m2
2.Metahara: A system of 300m2 managed by a youth cooperative
3.Hawassa: 8 entrepreneurs with a system of 12m2

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